Redesigning an immersive festival website, that celebrates black music and culture.

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BET Experience - The Problem

The website was lackluster and did not feel like a festival site. When asking others if they knew what BET Experience was, some did not know based on the website alone. The website looked like BET's content site. The issue to solve is to make navigation easy and to sell the product at the forefront - the BET Experience. You can view the overall UX Research here

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The Process

The beginning phase was to research what BET Experience was and what events are associated with it. Then competitive research and analysis on multiple music festival sites were made to undestand the layouts, MVP, features, and user goals of the sites. Our main focus for the first project was to rethink the lineups and events page while utilizing BET's gridlayout and assets

The Mobile Wires

Multiple wires were made for usability testing and through consistent feedback from the product team, specific designs were selected. BET's userbase is 80% mobile so we design mobile first before moving onto desktop. Understanding best practices and market comparisons helped with developing easy navigation and look to the site.

The Mobile Mockups

In Progress

Iterating through the wireframes, we noticed there was an error in how it looked in terms of visual hierarchy. Through the mockups with visual images and usage of filer texts, it helped us better visualized what was more important on the page therefore changes were made to the designs.