Redesigned a seamless navigation for BETX and BET Show pages.

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BET Experience - The Problem

Users do not understand the current representation of subnavigation within the down arrow, so they are going to the global nav, and not seeing how to navigate within their show or tentpole. The height of the branded area on top of all pages is too large since it is supporting promotion, navigation, social, and more – this needs to be reduced.

I was tasked with researching, developing, designing, and testing the navigation. Shubhank Sahay worked on the prototypes. Trevor Irmler is the art director and guided me through the whole process.

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Current Nav Analysis 

Met with internal stakeholders to understand project goals, users, and project scope. Defined user flows to improve project scope for navigation redevelopment for BETX.

Competitive Analysis 

Conducted competitor and industry research to anchor value propositions through several key competitors.



Designed 7+ navigation styles to be tested and prototyped against users. Each design solved a specific use case and user problem. It allowed us to think of all the problems together and decide on what works best and how to combine specific elements from each.



Hi-fidelity mocks were made and passed onto Shubhank to be prototyped. We collaborated on what animations, transitions, and interactions were to be made. I was also tasked on bug testing and helping with minor fixes. 

User Testing

Interview Process and Results

Based on previous tests and iterations, the hamburger navigation and the hybrid navigation were tested against each other through UsabilityHub, Internal Stakeholders, and then a focus group of 20.

Previous Variation User Testing Results

  • Double Hamburger
  • horizontal swipe
  • hyrbid

Final Designs