Revamping  and design of a cashmere eCommerce website

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Jahangir - The Problem

The eCommerce website did not represent who the company is and what their mission statement is. It was too simple for an eCommerce website. There was nothing on the site that told you what the website is and what they are selling unless you click into a product link.

The Process

While performing competitive analysis, I realize there was an ongoing trend towards html5 videos and gifs used for headers on different sites. There were over 10 sites on webbyawards.Com that showcased these. I started researching and comparing the old Jahangir website to its competitors such as JCrew. The image on the left shows you their previous website, look below for my designs.

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The Wires

I decided to integrate that the html5 video as the client was very focused on telling the consumers about their story and how it impacts their designs and products. By the usage of storytelling, they are able to satisfy their consumer base.The wireframes depict the homepage and their product pages. Easy navigation and promotion of their products on the homepage yield higher conversion rates

The Mockups

Two mockups were made as the client wanted to see a version without the html5 video for future updates. By comparing which works best, they can utilize each style according to what they are trying to promote. As it is a fairly new company, they want to introduce the brand first so the first design is used to tell the story of Jahangir+Bride. As the company grows, they will start to promote their products more so the second design would be used.